Monday, September 14, 2009

Zombie Werewolf.. AhhHH-ooOooooo

I really enjoyed doing this sculpture piece made by clay. I learn alot from sculpting, anatomy, muscle form, and structure. Thanks kobe for the many kind critiques and help as i created this creature. This creature is base on a zombie werewolf. Many references was from zombies, undead, werewolves, wolves, human, and spawn. Spawn was my main inspiration for details. It took me about 4 full days to complete.

~turn around~


Hedderick Mark Ho said...

So nice you clay models ... Like it very much ... Did you eventually do it few weeks ago ... ?

samuel eng said...

hey.. thanks.
no I didn't do it this pass week. I think it was either end of 07 or 08. long time ago :P

Joey's Artwork said...

NIcely done!!! i like that is a werewolf and a zombie too! good work! Cheers!!! hope you visit my blog!


samuel eng said...

hey Joey,
Thanks for the comments. Visited your blog... Keep up the good work!